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    I enjoy a great meal, and sometimes I am willing to travel to get one. When not already on the road/away from home, I prefer the convenience of delivery. Shoot, I use room service a lot when traveling, too.

    Delivery means I don't have to make reservations, change my outfit, drive, figure out parking, worry about the designated driver, and make sure I'm not out too late to stay awake during the drive home. It also allows me to multitask - catching up on movies or listening to music during the meal.

    Since moving back to Delaware County, my list of places that deliver looks pitiful compared to what I had in Chesco. So, are there any like-minded folks in my area?


Here is more on J’s camp experiences.      


Poll: Convenient Cuisine in Media, PA

After moving back to Delco from Chester County, I have found it odd that it was easier to get delivery near Coatesville. Just out of curiosity, is anyone else tired of being limited to pizza?

Say It Ain’t So…

Acme Markets has announced the end of their home delivery service!  Details are here: http://www.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/stories/2009/04/27/daily7.html.  I guess it’s time to start shopping at the nearest Genuardi’s or Giant.  They also deliver groceries.


With luck, my next excursion will be to Florida.  The goal is to see one of the last NASA space shuttle launches before they are retired.  It should be a fantastic experience!

10,000 and Counting!

Hey, I finally made it!  I reached 10,051 steps yesterday thanks to two changes.  First, I set up a DIY treadmill desk.  Second, I shortened my morning coffee and yogurt to 30 minutes and started walking for 90 minutes before work.  Yay!!!!

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